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- Neuromancer #003 GURREN-LAGANN Yoko Action Figure

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Product Size: Height 220mm approx.
Accessories: Face parts x 2 kingds, Eyes parts x 3 kinds, Rifle, Goggle, Display Stand , etc.
Package Type: Window Box
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The 3rd appearance in Yamato's new action figure series "NEUROMANCER", collaborated with Cerberus Project TM, is Yoko from Anime "GURREN-LAGANN" by GAINAX.
With height of 22 - 23cm (1/8 to 1/7 scale approx.), we pursue the same kind of modeling & painting quality as PVC statue with no action.
We propose a concept of a posing display figure (rather than action figure in larger scale) by this new action figure series.
Smiley Face and Offended Face are included. And Eyes looking straight forward, Eyes looking towards left, and Eyes looking towards right can be assembled into smiley face. Magnet is stored inside back of figure and at figure holding part of display stand. So you can pose figure with magnetic display stand without ruin the outside of figure. Display Stand Joints can be adjusted by screw. More accessory parts are included. (Hair sticks, buttery, bullet)    CEA Joint Developed by Cerberus Project TM.

Note: Age Restriction 15+ Up

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