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Mobile Police Patlabor - AV-98-I Ingram

Item No: 346277A
Product Type: Action Figure
Product Size: 1:24 Scale, Approximately 13.00"
Accessories: Too Many to List, See Description
Package Type: Closed Box
Shipping: Sold Out

MSRP: $320.00
Status: Sold Out

SAFETY WARNING:  This product is intended for adult collectors only.  It may contain sharp points, small parts which are choking hazards, and / or other materials or elements not suitable for children under 15 years of age.

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SPECIAL NEWS BULLETIN, APRIL 1998:  While the development of labors has proven a boon to the heavy construction industry around the world, it has also sparked a new and terrifying wave of crime:  labor crime.  To combat labor crime, the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department has created a new division, Special Vehicles Section 2, which today announces the rollout of its own force of highly advanced labors – the AV-98-I Ingram…

Ten years have passed since the rollout of the AV-98-I Ingram, the labor specifically designed by Shinohara Heavy Industries for the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department’s Special Vehicles Section 2.  Marking this occasion, Yamato presents the ultimate 1/24 scale AV-98-I Ingram model as only Yamato can.  Employing a revolutionary die-cast frame system and a host of special features and accessories, Yamato’s AV-98-I Ingram is capable of emulating all the poses and actions of the original.  Most impressive is the built in “winch” mechanism with retractable tension cable and functioning hook which allows the AV-98-I Ingram to grab onto anything within its reach, a first for any patlabor model ever!  Fluid motion, lighting effects, multiple interchangeable parts, and themed weaponry all mark this amazing piece.  What’s more, the accompanying pilot figure can be boarded into the cockpit.  A true collector’s item not to be missed.

Partial List of Features:
• 1/24 scale, approximately 13”
• Die-cast frame system with cloth joint covers for sleek look and feel
• Head/neck moves up/down, right/left in all directions along with movable cylinders
• Face guard made with clear parts which lifts to reveal main internal camera system
• Chest opens/closes to reveal cockpit with pilot boarding system (figure included)
• Chest/cockpit features bulletproof glass windshield, movable cockpit seat, and flashing lights
• Fully articulated shoulders/arms allow both arms to be brought forward simultaneously for maximum posing capability including holding revolver with both hands
• Articulated wrists/fingers with magnetized palms for secure grip of revolver
• Attachable arm shield (requires two bolts as in original animation)
• Flashing ‘Pat-Lamps’ on both shoulders
• Built in “winch” mechanism with retractable tension cables and attached hook to grab anything within the AV-98-I Ingram’s reach
• Detachable back cover can be removed to reveal inner mechanics of the AV-98-I Ingram
• Opening/Closing H.O.S. Source Protector
• Fully articulated hip, knees, and ankles for dynamic posing action
• Knee guards on right/left legs can be opened/closed
• Anti-slip guards on soles of feet to ensure stable standing
• .37mm revolver with functioning hammer, trigger, and rotating cylinder which swings out to load ammunition
• Revolver can be holstered in leg and extra ammunition stored in hidden leg chamber
• Extendable stun stick which can be stored with arm shield internally

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