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vmf50 Original Characters - Risa Doll

Item No: 348851
Product Type: Doll
Product Size: 50cm; approximately 19.69"
Accessories: Body Type-D, Wig, Base, Outfit (Nurse Dress, Knee Sock, Wristband, Hands, Boots)
Package Type: Closed Box
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MSRP: $799.99
Status: Sold Out

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Have you heard of the song "Isn't she lovely" well Risa is a one of kind doll with a body of a goddess. With the brand new body type D, she looks like a realistic doll that you would want to fall in love with. Her body is made to be slimmer, while the breasts, legs and thighs have been well structed to keep the perfect balance and yet easier to dress her up. 

Her painted eye balls makes her look mature and the feature offers its advantage, with its own expression without awkwardness.

Like other dolls, just be creative dress her up anyway you want. Use your imagination and have fun. Not all outfits are applicable and may vary due to body types and sizes. Please make sure to read the product information before you purchase any of the dolls.

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SAFETY WARNING:  This product is intended for adult collectors only.  It may contain sharp points, small parts which are choking hazards, and / or other materials or elements not suitable for children under 15 years of age.


NOTE: The product will be slightly different from the photo above. For example the actual doll comes with shorter hair and the outfits may vary.

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